Illegal Bets

Continuing with the dynamics of games and bets, the Pack Liars and Cheats offers, in addition to the above, horse racing. Up to eight users will be able to test their skills on a strong horse and win large sums of money. We can shoot our opponents with the weapons we carry, but after their death will appear again and, of course, seek revenge for the dirty game that we have done. The action is served and the fiercest shootings on our steed will happen so fast that we will not realize the time we have hooked to the console.

To the delight of fans of the story of the Red Dead saga, Liars and Cheats offers us new characters for online modes, which undoubtedly brings variety to the broad cast already available. From the very John Marston to Bonnie Mc Farlane, to Edgar Ross and Abraham Reyes. A wide variety of characters in the campaign mode that will delight the players, who can get into the skin, even virtual, of their favorite characters in the story mode.


Of course, in addition to everything highlighted so far, the new downloadable content Red Dead Redemption offers action on all four sides. In addition to the fun games of chance and horse racing, the DLC offers an unprecedented weapon, which is sure to make a hole in the hearts of players. It is, as you may have guessed, the explosive rifle, an outrage that will fly through the air to rivals and make us the most dangerous types of the wild west.

Attack and Defend is the new modality of game that offers Liars and Cheats. In it, there will be two opposing sides, one attacking and another defending. The former must take control of several strategic points, with their limited lives and a concrete time. The latter should avoid such acts of violence with the same currency. Annihilation and fun on all four sides. Up to 16 users can participate, eight per side, in what is already guessed as another interesting online game. If we add more gangs of criminals and new hunting grounds (another delight to play in company), the fun is served.

Liars and Cheats is a remarkable downloadable content that, without a doubt, becomes mandatory for all players who enjoy Red Dead Redemption online modes. It is possibly the most important DLC in the game to date and, thanks to poker and other additions, the most complete. Although focused solely on multiplayer, the pack is profiled as a must-have content. Its price may be high, although the fans of the title should not miss the opportunity, especially those who continue to enjoy the online side of the work.